Corporate headquarters


Verona – Italy

The main staircase in the headquarters of a major company is always a very significant matter. The silk-screened glass plates on the lower part cover the rising step and the tread have been designed one by one. The point fasteners, stairwells and handrail are in brushed stainless steel. Our Glass U profile in the conference room serves as a frame for the man stairway, ensuring an extremely clean architectural look.

The project involved the construction of the new headquarters of Crom Source, a multinational company that works in clinical and pharmaceutical research. The objective is to unite ancient and modern with elegance and sobriety; the reconstruction of the pre-existing building, a historical fragment of the garden cities of the early 1900s, and the decisive spatial configuration of the contemporary graft, were the starting point for the idea of an architecture inserted delicately but with personality in the urban landscape.