MILAN central station

Milan – Italy

The design and the installation of the closing elements to protect the Galleria delle Carrozze is based on a design agreed with the Superintendency of Architectural heritage of Milan by Gonzato Contract. The 35 gates, 10 of which are fixed and 25 opened (some of these motorized), with a pressure resistance more than 3kN, are made of in wrought iron, metallised and powder coat. We have used only floor fixing through steel flanges with bolts, specifically designed to avoid a bore in wall coverings by Karst’s stone, thereby allowing total exit.

The intervention is part of a process of recovery and enhancement of the entire Milan Railway complex, operated by the Grandi Stazioni and large private industrial groups. The gates, 2 meters high and variable lengths from 2 to 9 meters, meet the rising need of practicality. On the main façade a two-door book will be installed, for a total length of 9 meters. The sizing of the gates has been designed to contain a possible impact of the crowd, thanks to the laboratory test area that Gonzato Contract have in the headquarter.