Private Residence


Astana – Kazakstan

An elegant building in Astana houses the renovation of a prestigious apartment whose style reflects the elegance of the city. A precise and cultured choice is dedicated to natural materials skillfully used in a contemporary way. Spaces are pervaded by light that emphasizes the exercise of refinement in detail and dialogues with the natural elements of interior furnishings: marbles, iron and walnut describe the continuous union between architectural thought and call to nature. The Louise Jones transformation of large, residential properties into timeless, unique homes for modern living allows to Gonzato Contract to bring the new to classicism. An eclectic mix of materials, textures and colors allows for an approach to be anchored in a sense of timelessness.

The internal staircase guards the soul of architecture: it is the element that structurally, formally and symbolically condenses the sense of the ascent to the top, of the conquest of the sky that each building encloses. In this case, the staircase, is developed as a fluid environment, which suggests a welcoming perceptive continuity, guided by the choice of fine finishes and custom-made design of Matt Livsey Hammond.

In addition to the central staircase, Gonzato Contract produced and installed the main door of the house to connect the interior and exterior. As we see here, in fact, iron is used in combination with glass and is worked to create a motif in which wavy and curved lines coexist. The decorations lighten the whole, occupying the vast central portion, set in the closed structure at the bottom, laterally and at the top. Confidentiality and openness find in this way a correct proportion.

Even this decorated door becomes an integral and indispensable part of the home, customizing it and characterizing it, as well as performing a function that is sometimes not remembered, namely the protection of the environment in which one lives.