Private Residence

iron – brass

Schio – Italy

A hillock in the sun, a terrace overlooking the city and in the background the frame of the small Dolomites. An exclusive location for three villas obtained from the clever subdivision of Villa Rossi built in 1840 to a design by the arch. Bonfanti. This renovation took place in the second half of the 1990s, highlighting all the splendor of the refined finishes and the romantic taste of the century in which the structure was built but at the same time it was a redevelopment of all the energy and structural aspects.

Palladian and Venetian floors, strips of wood with frames, marble and marble vases, double-glazed windows and stairs with beautiful wrought-iron railings. Every detail expresses refinement, quality and resistance. Here represented a fences detail.  The three splendid dwellings, each independent of the others for spaces and installations, maintain as a common thread the refinement of the restored finishes, where possible, and wisely integrated with pieces of new invoice where necessary.