Restaurant coffee bar


Shenyang – Liaoning – China

An attractive ornamental facade in wrought iron with an Italian design to arouse curiosity to go inside this coffee bar in Shenyang (Liaoning province, China) were the main ingredients asked for this project. In collaboration with a very trendy and famous Italian Studio in Shanghai we developed a combination of decoration panels with “Venere”, one of the three-dimensional elements of Vertical Metals. A facade that is an unmatched masterpiece for this bar placed in one of the most posh area in Shenyang. The decoration panels and the leaves are made of steel, zinc galvanized and then white powder coated.

This elegant façade system can be made with different combinations of metals, thus giving to the surrounding environment a refined and exclusive taste. All elements can be powder coated, a metallic surface covering procedure done with an organic film; that is created both for decorative purposes and protection against corrosion and strong agents.