residence in Utrera

wrought iron

Utrera / Spain

Andalusia, a magical land in southern Spain, seduces visitors with the warm rays of the sun, the allure of Arab architecture, and the enchantment of its traditions. A few kilometers from the magnificent city of Seville – the capital of the province – lies Utrera, a picturesque town dominated by the imposing 13th-century castle, with a rich artistic heritage and a historical past that reveals itself in a surprising journey through its streets, noble houses, churches, and convents. 


In an elegant and quiet neighborhood of this pearl of southern Spanish culture, not far from the sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation, an important project has given life to an elegant private residence dominated by Mozarabic style, typical of the Iberian Peninsula and characterized by a blend of Christian and Arabic elements. 


Dominating the soft hues of white – brightened by the blue, azure, and yellow of the entrance and glass door tiles – the building develops on several floors around a central courtyard, delineated by marble columns and surrounded by ramps of stairs that give access to the numerous rooms. 


In this prestigious context, the client has chosen the quality and creativity of Gonzato Group’s Arteferro products for all the metal elements that adorn and secure the residence. 

Outside, a white iron gate discreetly protects the entrance door, perfectly framing and elegantly highlighting the precious colored glass that adorns it. 


Inside, railings, balustrades, and handrails – all painted in pearl white iron – frame and secure all the stairs in the house and the various landings. The Arabesque decorations, with a skillful mix of curls and floral elements, give a pleasant effect of lightness, creating, thanks to the copious natural light that enters from the large skylight above the courtyard and filters through the railings, a charming play of light and shadows. 


With this installation in one of the symbolic places of Iberian tradition and culture, Gonzato Group, with fifty years of experience, reaffirms its position as an international leader in the supply of metal elements for the world of architecture and construction.