neighborhood of putuo

wrought iron / brass

Shanghai / China

Located on the Huangpu River, near the Blue River, on the eastern coast of China overlooking the Chinese Sea, Shanghai, with its 30 million inhabitants, is seen as the true economic capital of China. A global economic, financial and commercial center of importance, in recent decades this metropolis has also become one of the most fashionable cities in all of Asia. It is no coincidence that it is called the “Paris of the East” and the “Pearl or Queen of the East”. 


And it is precisely here, in the Putuo district, one of the most elegant in the heart of the city, that a prestigious and refined residential complex inspired by Art Nouveau rises. Eight thousand square meters inside which a main building and 14 single villas overlook the lush internal garden or the terraces shaded by century-old plants. 


The architectural project, signed by a famous Taiwanese architect known for important realizations in Beijing and Shanghai, envisaged the use of numerous metal elements with a particularly refined design. For this reason, the client, a lover of beauty and Italian craftsmanship, chose Gonzato Group which – with its fifty years of experience and expertise – was able to fully satisfy the needs by tailor-making all the external metal structures. Over two years of work, but the result is now a real open-air showroom where surprising brass decorations, combined with galvanized and painted iron, give the entire complex a charming atmosphere with an unmistakable Italian style. 


Once through the main entrance, on the sides of which two majestic lamps elegantly and discreetly illuminate the comings and goings that animate the building, you find yourself in a peaceful outdoor area whose spaces are defined by over 300 meters of fences, entrance gates to the villas’ driveways and numerous streetlights topped by handmade lamps. The internal garden and pedestrian connections are instead embellished by a majestic 30-meter-long gazebo adorned with 7 lanterns one meter high. 

But even security finds in Gonzato Group’s creations a support as functional and efficient as it is elegant and refined. The large ground-floor windows as well as the armored doors of the 14 villas are in fact protected by refined grilles and made-to-measure panels in galvanized and painted iron with cast and brass decorations, while the over 150 floor-to-ceiling windows are secured by iron railings with brass decorations to which an “ottone” finish has been applied to give them greater brilliance. All brass decorations have finally been treated with a special transparent varnish to protect them from the weather and maintain the charm of the color unchanged over time. 


With this important achievement, Gonzato Group confirms its international leadership by becoming an ambassador of Italian Style in the world.