The 69 arches of the first Order of the Colosseum have adequate protection from 2014 with full respect for the importance of this building as a symbol of the great Roman era in the eyes of the world thanks to Gonzato Contract. 1,200 kg of iron was used for each of the large gates with a sophisticated system attaching the millennia-old travertine in order not to disturb its historical stratifications. This work of engineering craftsmanship meets new safety standards. Engines, emergency openings, special hinges, metallisation and powder coating mean these objects will stand the test of time.

The rivets expertly forged to give an antique effect, actually they cover a steel screw that will preserve the artifact over the years from environmental degradation.
During the restoration work, the Colosseum has never been totally closed, being the most visited public work in the world. For this reason, in fact, it was decided to divide the construction works into four phases.

The total weight of the products and the dynamics of the positioning required the use of special vehicles. In these photos a detail of the dynamics of the laying works is represented. The gates, after being positioned, have been set by our team of experienced installers.

In addition to gates, have been commisioned to Gonzato Contract the production and the installation of protective barriers on the south side of the Colosseum and the railings represented here. These barriers, completely made of stainless steel, act as protection to the passage and they are cemented to the floor.