Quality Certification

The competitiveness of an organisation on the market is also determined by the quality of its processes, rewarded by the certifications obtained.

In the past, organisations relied on productivity and price to achieve success. Today, innovation, uniqueness and the capacity for continuous improvement are essential to create a product or service that can meet market changes and customer demands.

For Ind.i.a. it is fundamental to qualify its own realities through a quality management system: the system certification according to the ISO 9001 standard is an effective working tool that guides all activities improving efficiency and internal productivity, orienting the company towards constant improvement.

ISO 9001 was obtained as early as 1999, then renewed annually, until the most recent adaptation to ISO 9001:2015.


Sustainable development, pollution prevention, product eco-compatibility and continuous improvement are terms that have become part of Ind.i.a.’s everyday life.

Environmental certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, or the EMAS environmental declaration, are the tools that private and public organisations have at their disposal to achieve the objective of sustainable development: starting from these assumptions, Ind.i.a. has always been committed to organisational tools for managing the impact of its activities on the environment and in February 2006 obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification.

This certification is not compulsory, so it is the organisation that, voluntarily, has decided to support and maintain a virtuous behaviour from the point of view of environmental sustainability.


India. S.p.A., with the intention of aiming at full and constant satisfaction of the external customer e
of internal personnel and a rational use of resources, undertakes to implement the
continuous improvement through the control of company processes, the management of situations
non-compliant, the pursuit of prevention, the growth of company personnel, compliance
of the rules that regulate the sector, as well as a rigorous strategy of approach to the supplier
capable of guaranteeing stable and continuous relationships in accordance with the agreements”, addressing the
at the same time a particular attention to safety in the workplace, respect for the community e
of the environment in which the company production site operates. India. S.p.A. stands against the
Customer as solely responsible for the Quality of its Product and the Service offered,
guaranteeing a unique and controlled quality standard.


In addition to these certifications, there are also product certifications to guarantee high quality and protect customers’ safety requirements.


It is clear that such an organised system of certifications gives the company benefits both in terms of prestige and in terms of differentiation from the competition, enhancing the particular characteristics that distinguish its products from others in the same categories.

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Ind.i.a. has always been committed to supporting the intelligent use of our planet’s resources. For this reason, in 2012 it had a solar plant installed at its Malo headquarters, covering an area of 3.5 km², with a nominal power of around 575 kW.


The almost 2,400 photovoltaic modules allow a considerable self-production of electricity: the times of maximum use of electricity almost completely overlap with the production periods of the photovoltaic system.

From an environmental point of view, this clean, zero-impact energy generation system, as it is generated by a renewable source such as the sun, avoids the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere from the production of electricity using non-renewable sources (coal, oil, gas, etc.).


Aware of the role it plays in relation to its customers, staff, suppliers, but also to the community and the environment in which it operates, Ind.i.a. is committed to continuous improvement through the control of business processes, the pursuit of growth and welfare of employees, compliance with the standards that regulate the sector, as well as a rigorous strategy of approach to suppliers capable of ensuring stable and continuous relationships in accordance with the agreements.


For this reason, Ind.i.a. can place itself in relation to the customer as the sole responsible party for the quality of its product and service, guaranteeing a unique and controlled quality standard. At the same time, the company pays attention to the consequences of its actions on the environment that surrounds it and, with this in mind, implements policies of eco-sustainability and control, reduces environmental impact and improves energy efficiency. This commitment supports the principles of protection and beauty that characterise the soul of Ind.i.a. products.

The action in favour of the territorial context is also exercised through the promotion of initiatives that are in agreement with the principles of environmental protection and through collaborations of an economic, educational or cultural nature with other organisations.