A strong identity for a stronger group.

Fifty years have passed since the foundation of our company, which was established and grown to become the large Group it represents today, thanks to the determination and passion of its founder, Bruno Gonzato. It has been a long journey, which has led the Gonzato name to become synonymous with quality and reliability in the field of semi-finished products and modular metal systems.

With this in mind, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the important legacy of our founder by preserving his memory and adding value to his name, which will give life to the new Gonzato Group brand, replacing the current wording In.d.i.a.. In this way, we will be able to concentrate all the value of our companies with a single brand identity, accompanied by a logo that recalls our history, our family, and the symbols of our work.
Gonzato Group will continue to be supported by our product brands Arteferro and IAM Design, emphasized by a complete review of the graphics and communication system.

This renewal reflects our desire to invest in the Group and give value to our identity by making it a collectively stronger presentation to the world.

Our mission remains to give shape with passion and dedication to the needs of our customers with solutions capable of combining the beauty of wrought metal with the efficiency of an industrial organization projected towards the future.


With 24 companies spanned in 5 continents, 4 production plants, over 700 employees and collaborators, and more than 2000 customers spread across 136 countries worldwide, Gonzato Group is a leader in semi-finished products and modular iron systems for the building and architecture industries.