Introducing GoTo Urban, the new brand from Gonzato Group that designs metal elements and systems for urban furniture and landscaped gardens

With fifty years of history and experience in the construction and architecture sector, Gonzato Group has launched a new brand offering a wide range of metal elements and systems for urban furniture and the creation of landscaped gardens.


A brand that encapsulates multiple meanings: a tribute to the roots of the founding family, Gonzato, with the first and last letters of the surname. In English, it also means “to go towards,” evoking a sense of dynamism, movement, and outdoor freedom. A charming coincidence is that “GoTo” resembles the “goto,” the typical glass used for wine in Venetian taverns, thus recalling the origins of the Group. GoTo Urban is indeed a fusion of tradition and innovation to offer high-quality products with elegant design.

Urban Furniture

Urban furniture elements are essential components in the design and organization of public spaces, contributing to improving the aesthetic appearance of outdoor areas and ensuring functionality and safety in their use. Made of stainless steel or galvanized iron, GoTo Urban products stand out for their quality, design, and versatility and can meet a variety of needs, from protecting certain spaces, such as sidewalks or pedestrian areas, to creating parking areas for bicycles. The complete recyclability of both steel and iron also makes these elements completely compatible with the concepts of sustainable architecture.

Systems for landscaped gardens

“Terra” is the GoTo Urban system for garden containment and environmental partitioning. The systems consist of various modular elements, made of aluminum, stainless steel, or glass, available in different shapes and types to allow flexible and versatile development of the desired outdoor project. Thanks to the different shapes, colors, and materials, the “Terra” system adapts to any context, making any project unique and personalized. All with the quality that has always distinguished Gonzato Group products.