The "Tronetti" - Wrought Iron Seats: A Fusion of Material and Light

The “Tronetti,” a synthesis of material and creativity by Stefania Buccio Gonzato, are a series of original wrought iron seats – to be admired as true works of art and used as eccentric furnishing accessories – entirely handcrafted and painted using ancient techniques of the noble art of ironwork. 


Unique in their structure, the seven different inspirations draw from the architecture of the Vicenza region, nature, and the feminine world. The vivid color contrasts and intentionally exaggerated dimensions stimulate the imagination and capture attention, giving life to a furnishing complement in line with the latest trends in interior or outdoor design, where iron once again takes center stage. 


There’s no place like home. “Cup” expresses the sweet pleasure of everyday life, iconically representing the moment of the morning coffee, a mechanical gesture often taken for granted but essential to start the day. 


A bench in the woods, the chirping of birds, the awakening of nature. “Tree” frames pleasant moments of relaxation, providing the sensation of an idyllic break in the greenery. 


Greek architecture, with its linear and fascinating volumes, inspired “Temple.” The structural architectural elements, the pediment, and the columns, act as supports for the seat, conferring upon it a sense of ethereal protection.


Embodies the underlying principle of the Tronetti concept. A majestic enclosure, the king’s home, where the throne assumes the meaning of authority, clemency, and rigor. 


Both enveloping and austere, with its round and significant forms, “Cathedral” is the symbol of a merciful and welcoming Church, a safe haven in which to rest. 


The delicate bud of a flower, fragrant and colorful, inspired “Tulip.” Sitting among its petals is akin to an immersive and all-encompassing experience within nature. 


Openly inspired by the feminine world, “Woman” embodies the embrace of a mother from which emanates the love of family. With arms open and extended forward, it is a clear invitation to be pampered and welcomed into the warm maternal embrace. 

The “Tronetti” – produced in Italy as limited editions, each numbered and signed by the artistsymbolize the long tradition that has led Gonzato Group today to a culture of product and design, where simplicity and craftsmanship go hand in hand with high engineering capabilities and constant technological innovation, capable of offering solutions for every architectural need.