Four Seasons

iron / brass / glass

Doha – Qatar

Synonymous with luxurious elegance and a meeting place for an international clientele, the Four Seasons Hotel in Doha has chosen Gonzato Group to further enhance the prestige of the establishment, imbuing it with the unmistakable Italian Style that has made our country famous worldwide. 


Already upon crossing the monumental entrance gate, one realizes how Gonzato Group skillfully combines mastery in metalworking with customized design tailored to the specific needs of the client. 

Indeed, both the external and internal entrance doors, developed according to the architect’s design overseeing the hotel’s renovation, are entirely made of black-painted iron. A grille, adorned with polished brass inserts, protects the glass set within the large door structure. 


Completing the installation are two elegant handles, also in polished brass, which add luster to the ensemble and bestow a refined touch in line with the hotel’s style. 

Inside the lounge, large windows framed with specially crafted black-painted iron profiles overlook the common areas. 

With this prestigious accomplishment, Gonzato Group reaffirms its position as a leading company capable of providing custom solutions in every country, where tradition meets innovation.