The 14th-century Gradara Castle bears our signature

The Fortress of Gradara is currently the most visited monument in the Marche region and among the top ten castles nationally. Its original nucleus dates back to the twelfth century, while the typical structure of late medieval military architecture is the result of works undertaken in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, first by the Malatesta family and later by the Sforza family. In addition to being the set for numerous successful films, Gradara Castle owes its fame to the story of Paolo and Francesca, narrated by Dante in the Divine Comedy: legend has it that the Fortress was the setting for the love story between the two.


Restored in 1921 by the last owner, the castle became state property in 1983 and was converted into a museum. The outer parade ground, located between the walls and the fortress, is now used as a prime location for public events and private functions. For this reason, in 2020, the Regional Directorate of Museums in Marche commissioned the Plus Ultra studio in Milan to design the adaptation of the area to current safety requirements and the functional arrangement of the visit route on the noble floor.


The intervention was widespread, focusing more on the exterior – with the replacement of old parapets and the creation of a new staircase – and more punctual on the interior with the implementation of mitigation elements for systems and new structures for fire extinguisher containment. Everything was made of metal and always in total respect for the historical, structural, and stylistic integrity of the site.


And it is here that Gonzato Group’s love for the noble art of iron made us the chosen partner for this important project.