hotel plaza

wrought iron / brass
Doha – Qatar

Doha, the capital of Qatar, is a city that harmoniously combines local traditions with a futuristic skyline. Synonymous with luxury, this city offers unique experiences such as staying at the sophisticated Hotel Plaza Doha Anantara. 


A tailor-made elegance pervades the spaces, embellished with classic Parisian touches, offering guests an elite hospitality. For this prestigious hotel, Gonzato Group has meticulously designed and masterfully crafted the railings for the impressive staircases and all the internal balustrades overlooking the common areas. 

A completely customized project began with an on-site preliminary study to analyze in detail the installation and stylistic requirements. Our interior designers then developed sketches for the original designs, from which all the painted iron and brass elements that make up the railings were handcrafted in Italy. Brass was chosen for the handrails, a solution that imparts a precious shine to the main staircase, now majestically welcoming guests from all around the world. 

This prestigious installation once again demonstrates our Group’s ability to combine the craftsmanship of the noble art of ironworking with the most innovative production technologies.