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Gonzato Contract, from the Colosseum to the Expo.

Vicenza, 27 March 2015 – Gonzato Contract, the division of Ind.i.a. spa dedicated to special supplies, yesterday began the installation of the railings of the Azerbaijan Pavilion for Expo Milano 2015. The contract, signed with Simmetrico Srl of Milan, on Monday 23 February, provides for the production and installation of all the railings of the pavilion, both internal and external. The railings will be produced in steel, based on the customer’s design, with buffer panels with rods and tensioned ropes and customised handrails. Gonzato Contract is pleased to provide an effective, eco-friendly and low-cost solution, fully respecting our Planet and its balances, which will help to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for visitors to the Azerbaijan pavilion during the Universal Exposition hosted by Italy from 1st May to 31st October 2015. Among the prestigious construction sites in which Gonzato Contract is currently working, there is also that of the restoration of the Colosseum in Rome. The collaboration agreement concerns the supply and installation of 69 forged iron gates to close the arches of the 1st order of the amphitheatre.


The materials and technologies adopted for these railings will guarantee reduced maintenance costs, resistance over time and energy savings. The internal parapets will be made of bronze painted steel and will follow the curved lines of the spaces and stairs within the biospheres that characterise the pavilion. The handrail will be in cherry-coloured plywood, finished with intumescent paint; the pillars will be with laser-cut blades and buffing in vertical tensioned steel ropes, with retractable hooking systems. The external parapets will be made of satin-finished AISI 316 steel with double-plate coupled columns. A special handrail with a dimmable and uniform lighting system will be used, the LED Railing System by IAM Design, studied and designed in compliance with safety regulations both from the point of view of positioning and ergonomics of the object, and from a lighting point of view. The handrail will be installed off-axis, towards the inside in order to ensure greater safety. The white light LEDs, placed inside the handrail, will illuminate the path giving a pleasant effect that will bring out the shapes of the underlying structure, as well as ensuring a safe usability of the structure even in the evening. The Azerbaijan Pavilion, “Azerbaijan, Treasure of Biodiversity” The project of the Azerbaijan Pavilion, “Azerbaijan, Treasure of Biodiversity”, was created by Simmetrico network, a group of creative minds born from an idea by Daniele Zambelli in 2007.


The Pavilion expresses the country’s landscape and cultural biodiversity through three biospheres in double-curved glass. The wavy wooden walls preserve the microclimate of the structure and reduce its energy consumption; they embrace the pavilion and evoke the wind, typical of the Azerbaijani territory and a symbol of the cultural and creative flows that have always crossed it. The first biosphere is that of the most evocative historical-naturalistic views of the country, which has always been a geographical and cultural crossroads; the second one is dedicated to biodiversity, in terms of diversity, plurality and richness both from a natural and anthropological point of view; the third one recalls the relationship between innovation and tradition, which is extremely alive in Azerbaijan. All materials and spaces have been designed to make the pavilion adaptable and functional over time. At the end of the exhibition, it will in fact be dismantled and transferred to Azerbaijan, in the capital Baku, where it will become the centre dedicated to biodiversity.