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Fifty-six railings and 13 automated gates: Ind.i.a. (Industria italiana arteferro) Spa from Malo, Vicenza, a company of the Gonzato Group, leader in the production and distribution of wrought iron and stainless steel products and forgings, will make them for the Colosseum. The assignment contract concerns the supply and installation of the gates, made in forged iron with straight speared ends, each one different from the other, which will replace the current perimeter closure system.

The designers are developing the samples needed to perfect the executive technical drawings, the last step before starting the activity; production should start in a few days in the Malo factories, where designers and craftsmen are already at work to ensure a final result in full respect of the archaeological memory of one of the symbols of Italian history. «Each gate and each railing will require a specific design – as a spokesman from the company points out – as the anchors will have to adapt to the arches, each different from the other, taking advantage of the holes and gaps already existing on the pillars. The construction site will continue in groups of 10 openings at a time so as not to impede tourists from accessing the Colosseum. For this reason, supplies will take place at different times based on the progress of the work». The experts of Gonzato Contract, the division of Ind.i.a. specialised in major works, will carry out the project. A year ago, the joint-stock company from Malo acquired 100% of the shares of the former German Triebenbacher, after growing thanks to the acquisition of Co.Ge.Me Ironworks in Casalmaggiore, Cremona. This restoration of the Colosseum is the third major restoration in the city of Rome carried out by this company. In fact, the creations of artistic forging in wrought iron for the gates of Piazza Vittorio and for the railings of the Palace of Justice date back to the nineties.