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Gonzato Contract, division of Ind.i.a. spa, completed the installation of the first supply in just five days.

Vicenza, 13 October 2014 – Gonzato Contract, the division of Ind.i.a. spa dedicated to special supplies, installed the first five new gates of the Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome. The arches, from 52 to 48, are now protected by more than 5 tons of iron forged in the factories of Ind.i.a. spa, a company from Malo, in the province of Vicenza, world leader in the production and marketing of metal for construction and architecture, with 24 factories around the world. On Monday 6 October, the complex assembly began between the arches, which were freed from the scaffolding and the stones were brought back to their ancient splendour following the restoration. The arches, each of a different size, and the different possibilities of connecting the iron structures to the stone, required a dedicated and specific intervention for each arch. Nonetheless, the team of specialists completed the installation of the first supply in just five days. To supervise everything: Architect Bruno Gonzato, president of Ind.i.a. spa, together with his son Davide, head of the contract division, who declared: «These gates are a work of engineering and craftsmanship at the service of new safety and quality standards. We are proud to be part of the Group of companies called to intervene in the restoration of the most famous amphitheatre in the world, a symbol of Italian history and culture». The Colosseum restoration is the third major restoration completed in the city of Rome by the company from Vicenza, which previously carried out the artistic wrought iron forges for the gates of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and for the railings of the Palace of Justice.

Design and production

For each gate and for each railing, special 3D surveys were carried out using modern laser tools capable of scanning the environment at 360°, detecting points, distances and surfaces. On the basis of the data collected, a specific design was performed to ensure that the predispositions for the anchors were adapted to the arches, each different from the other, taking advantage of the holes and gaps in the pillars. In order to guarantee a final result in full respect of the archaeological memory represented by a symbol of the history of our country, particular attention has been paid to the finish of the iron, which has been given an ancient appearance through manual processing. Finally, with special paints, the highest protection from atmospheric agents is also guaranteed.

The collaboration agreement

The collaboration agreement, signed last February, concerns the supply and installation of 56 railings and 13 gates, in forged iron with straight speared ends, with the purpose of closing the arches of the 1st order of the amphitheatre. The set of works requires a precise scheduling due to the need to keep the monument open to the public, without any interruption. In fact, the Colosseum attracts about 5 million visitors a year and therefore the construction site must advance progressively, so as not to impede access.